Ways Outdoor Advertising is Becoming Digital

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Posted by Merivict

The out-of-home (OOH) industry is anticipated to achieve further growth in the next few months. Here are some ways on how outdoor advertising is adopting the digital push:

Technological Advances

Outdoor advertising is anticipated to become a more integral part of social and mobile strategies, and the industry will see more campaigns with OOH as the main highlight. Through outdoor advertising, companies with technological advances achieve enhanced mobile penetration. It also enables brands to easily interact with customers in a more captivating manner.


Given that more OOH vendors incorporate inventory into demand-side platforms, real-time outdoor advertising will constantly increase. The biggest benefit of digital advertising on static is that content distribution and event reporting can be completed in real-time, then the ad can be uploaded on the screen with just a click of a button.

Hypertargeting Customers

OOH planning systems are being incorporated with data sources, including online browsing behavior, mobile carrier data, and purchase records to enable the company’s hyper-target people to expand their reach.

Digital Screens

Digital screens are expected to significantly increase due to a number of factors, including varying city government legislations and less cost in LED screen production. The screens offered nowadays are of commercial grade, which implies that they are built for 24/7 use with high contrast, brightness, and a wide viewing angle. Featuring a tempered glass front, they can be used in both portrait and landscape formats.

By using modern outdoor advertising to your advantage, you will see a dramatic improvement in your business. Make a smart move today!