Reasons Why Video Marketing is the New Gem of 21st Century Marketing

Posted by Merivict

In today’s marketing world, video marketing is touted as a rising star, thanks to the investments and social integration by Internet giants. Due to its impressive appeal to people of all age groups as well as the ability to engage with viewers and ultimately convert them into paying customers, it has already gained a critical place in the marketing plans of leading companies.

In accordance with Syndacast, video will be 74 percent of all Internet traffic this year. Moreover, studies show that the use of the word “Video” in an email subject line can boost open rates by up to 19 percent, click-through rates by 65 percent and decrease un-subscribers by 26 percent. Meanwhile, Twitter claims that photos and videos get the most retweets.

Other key contributors to the popularity of videos are the following:

Facebook reinforces its video strategy

According to Facebook, its video viewership doubled from 4 billion views daily to 8 billion views daily in a period of seven months. This growth of video viewership underscores the great potential of videos for bringing in money, keeping viewers interested and boosting viewership. The social media networking website launched its picture in picture viewing last year, which enables users to watch videos while browsing the news feed. It is also testing a video feed stream which is designed to let viewers watch only videos that are shared by their network.

SEO Advantages

Videos directly impact search results given that rich media, including videos is highly favored by search engine algorithms. Moreover, since Google owns YouTube, it also plays a huge role in the videos’ enhanced popularity.  In the recent years, the search engine has been continuously updating its algorithm to provide users with a more meaningful experience while searching. This is why search results now feature videos among top results.

Videos Offer a Breath of Fresh Air

Most of the time, advertising messages overload people with information that they can’t process especially if they have too much text and images. With videos, it would be easier for the brain to process visual content. Hence, creating a strong impact becomes easier.

Viral Potential

Through the years, it has been proven that netizens are more likely to share and re-share videos over other forms of content. It acts as a wonderful tool for professionals and businesses to showcase their expertise, vision, services, products, announcements and company news for maximum outreach.

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