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Phase 1 Media Locations

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The Beach - JBR

The Beach is an outdoor complex of cafés, shops, restaurants and public facilities set against the majestic blue waters of the Arabian Gulf. It represents the epitome of urban living at its finest, making it one of the best attractions in Dubai for both tourists and residents. Here, people of all ages can indulge in delicious cuisine, the latest entertainment, a 600m running track, watersports, unique shops and an outdoor gym that offers classes.

Why Advertise Here:
  • 30, 000 to 50,000 visitors per day (16 million visitors yearly)
  • Offers a huge selection of world-class restaurants and retail outlets
  • Targets different age groups and demographics
  • One of the key attractions in Dubai
  • Offers an array of facilities and fun activities for the family

Kite Beach

A favorite community among locals and expats alike, this long, serene stretch of white sand beach on Jumeirah Road offers numerous fun activities, including soap football, kite surfing, beach volleyball, beach tennis and kayaking. It is the perfect hub for adventure-lovers, those who live for the adrenaline and those who want to simply have a good time. Offering toilets, showers, changing facilities and majestic views of Burj Al Arab, it is the ultimate destination for friends and families on the weekend.

Why Advertise Here:
  • A high-traffic location all season long
  • Offers a wide array of restaurants and shops to choose from
  • Wide-ranging activities and facilities for all age groups
  • Hub of exciting events

Last Exit

With hundreds of thousands of motorists driving towards Abu Dhabi on a daily basis, Last Exit E11 proves to be the ultimate pit-stop for those who want to relax and grab a bite of fresh gourmet street food in a fun and convenient atmosphere set in 1950 America. Offering convenient drive-thru and dine-in options, several people flock to this auto-themed destination daily, making it a great place to advertise your brand.

Why Advertise Here:
  • High footfall with an estimated 10,000 'stop by drivers' per hour
  • Offers the widest variety of international gourmet cuisine
  • Strategically located to cater to the needs of motorists who want to relax, dine and take a break
  • Convenient access and maximized visibilities from Sheikh Zayed Road—just after interchange 11

Mad X

Mad X is the latest Last Exit location near interchange 11 in the direction of Abu Dhabi. Inspired by the movie Mad Max, it features a post-apocalyptic world surrounded by monster trucks, war rigs, abandoned cars and food trucks serving gourmet street food. With an array of facilities for kids and adults, it is the perfect place to relax and dine in after a long, tiring journey.

Why Advertise Here:
  • Land area of almost 500,000 square feet to accommodate high footfall all season long
  • Food trucks offering the widest variety of international gourmet street foods
  • Easy access and maximized visibility from Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Entertainment and leisure facilities for kids and adults

Outlet Village

This posh, medieval Italian-themed mall in Jebel Ali is one of the best destinations in Dubai to shop and dine. It is home to more than 100 brands, including famous Italian and American labels which are offered at huge discount prices. Shoppers can also select from a number of cafes and restaurants. Near Dubai Parks and Resorts, The Outlet Village takes shopping and dining experience to a new level and opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to entertainment.

Why Advertise Here:
  • Footfall of 12,000,000 visitors per year
  • Largest luxury outlet shopping destination in the UAE
  • Offers 350 individual retailers and 450 international luxury brands
  • Near Dubai Parks and Resorts
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