Our LED Screens

LED screens are the next generation of advertising, providing a cost-effective and completely revolutionary way of enhancing a brand’s recall value. A study that calculated the awareness and memory retention levels of customers between traditional static billboards and LED screens, found that more consumers remembered the latter.

Advantages of opting for a LED screen:

  • Quick turnaround
  • Tailored to the clients’ needs and budget
  • No clutter
  • Visually appealing
  • Reaches the target audience whenever and wherever in Dubai

As one of the first companies in Dubai to introduce LED screen advertising, we aim to give any brand a boost in the most creative and effective way possible.


Get the word out about your products in a unique and creative yet effective manner. No matter how small or big your offerings are and for whatever purpose they are, our mobile LED screens will make them known to your target audience.

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Whether it’s a concert, a product launch, a workshop or something that your target audience needs to see, we will ensure that it gets the maximum exposure it deserves.

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It is true that education is expensive and ignorance is cheap. This is why we aim to maximize exposure for your educational offers and campaigns in such a way that will benefit your target audience and the UAE.

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Media Buyers

We empower the businesses you promote by acting as a third party advertising company. With our mobile LED trucks, you can rest assured that the brands you advertise make noise among your clients’ target customers.

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We are clueless about what will happen tomorrow and accidents come without warnings. This is why people need to have a great deal of awareness about how your insurance plans and offers can…

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Make people know that they were not born to just work and die. Our catchy mobile LED screen displays will make them realize how important it is to invest in leisure.

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The orderliness of the nation’s transport system is one of the core foundations and reflections of its success. With our mobile LED trucks, we aim to help and support RTA by maximizing exposure of their campaigns to ensure a smooth road transport for all.

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Combined rail road transport is particularly well suited to the shipping of hazardous goods since it reduces risk.

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The key to selling fast-moving consumer goods to the general masses quickly is through advertising them in a clear, catchy and creative way. Here at D-Connector, that is what we specialize in.

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Whether a new store or boutique is opening soon, you have a big promotion, or you are launching a new product, our mobile LED trucks will make it known to people with a twist.

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Got some banking offers and promotions on travel, shopping, dining and so much more? We will spread the word real quick.

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Health Care

Prevention is truly better than cure. Keep the public aware about your latest healthcare campaigns and offerings through impactful ads and infographics.

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Dubai is the best travel destination on earth where everyone can have fun with friends, explore the Arabic culture, take amazing photographs of world-renowned landmarks, and experience life’s greatest pleasures. Whatever tourism service you offer, you can rest assured that our mobile LED trucks will get your ads and brand noticed by tourists and staycationers alike.

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Real Estate

Get more locals and expats to live in your residential unit or community by placing an ad on our mobile LED trucks. When it comes to making a lasting impression, no one does it better than us.

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