Experiential Big Screens—A Must for Events

Posted by Merivict

Big screens are designed for big events and big experiences. Typically associated with advertising, they are widely found in sports arenas as event organizers eye on a huge number of spectators.

While it is true that accommodating people is a separate challenge, giving every individual an experience that is worth remembering and can be considered as value for money is a more difficult task. This is where experiential screens enter the picture. These are designed to provide spectators with a fulfilling experience by catering to their entertainment needs no matter where they are seated.

A big screen features LED-based technology, which is said to replace conventional LCD soon. What makes it rise above the competition is that it is brighter than an LCD and thus, making it suitable for applications such as outdoor screens and digital signages. Compared to the limited viewing angle option in an LCD screen, an LED screen provides viewing from a 180-degree plane. This can also be joined seamlessly to make a never ending chain limited by your preference and budget. Moreover, an LED screen also lacks reflections as in the case of a plasma screen, making it the right medium for outdoor advertising.

Got an upcoming big event for your brand? Mobile LED screens are by far the trendiest and most eye-catching advertising medium available in the market today. Harness the power and benefits they offer to ensure the success of your company!



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