Digital Displays Forecasted to Grow Further in UAE

Posted by Merivict

With the age of digital displays, traditional marketing is now losing its grip on brands in different segments. This enables companies to create ingenious experiences to effectively connect with customers.

In a statement, Audai Altaie, regional director of sales for business-to-business at LG Electronics, noted that screens have now become an integral component of marketing and merchandising strategies, cascading across industry verticals to create demand for vibrant, immersive content.

He revealed that marketers have done the math to discover that the returns on digital signage far outdo print. “Strong growth is seen ahead for digital signage over the next three years as marketers leap to engage eyeballs across digital platforms, with screens seen as pivotal to strategy.”

Altaie emphasized that the growth of digital signage has evolved slowly—up to 25 percent over the past year–but is predicted to skyrocket quickly to as much as 50 percent over the next three years in the lead-up to 2020 when Dubai is anticipated to welcome 25 million visitors to the World Expo.

The director explained that the forecast growth trend is associated to an increase in hotels, malls, transportation, health care and real estate developments that now regard screens as an important part of the architecture when designing their environments.

In addition, he said that widespread use of smart devices has made digital displays an essential component of marketing strategies, progressing as a force that immerses, draws and interacts with customers.

According to Altaie, the growth of video consumption worldwide has made it impossible to ignore digital signage as a required marketing channel, and is one that makes it easier to update content frequently.

When it comes to the growth of digital signage installations, Bill Fordyce, COO at HyperMedia, noted that there has been a huge acceleration with forward-thinking developers such as Meraas and Nakheel, for instance.

“They have large digital signage networks within their properties, so it’s part of the architecture now. In fact, digital signage is now part of every retail development in the country. Maybe five or six years ago it was an afterthought, but now it’s a primary consideration,” he noted.

The COO believes that this trend will constantly grow with more malls coming up in run-up to the Expo 2020.

In accordance with Alex Malouf, Chair at International Association of Business Communicators for Europe, Middle East and North Africa, they are anticipating to see more adoption of digital signage in the next three years and companies utilizing programmatic to deliver the best return on investment from digital. He highlighted that there would be greater focus on 4K technology, which would deliver impressive displays at a higher resolution rate.

“And there’ll be a push for more touchscreen technology, which will allow consumers to have a richer experience based on their choices when engaging with the brand.”

Market leaders plan to invest in digital signage solutions across the board over the next three years from installation of new displays to refurbishments, to conversion of existing traditional advertising spaces.

Altaie concluded that both indoor and outdoor are a focus for greater investment in digital signage, and demand for creative and engaging content is anticipated to skyrocket as the speed of deployment decelerates.