Different Types of Videos for Your Marketing Campaign

Posted by Merivict

There’s no denying that video marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage the target audience and convert them into customers. This is why you need to take full advantage of it no matter how small or big your business is.

LED Trucks DubaiThe following are the types of videos you can consider:

  • Interview Video – What’s great about this video is that it helps establish your brand’s credibility by providing the target audience with first-hand facts about your business, what it offers and how it can benefit them.
  • Live Webcast Video – This is great as it gives you the ability to interact with viewers live.
  • Talking Head Video – Combined with an informative and compelling script, this will draw the attention of customers and make them want to avail the product or service that you offer. However, keep the video short and sweet by limiting it only to one minute.
  • Tips Series Video – The best way to establish a huge presence on Youtube is to create a tip series. People love watching DIY and tip videos, so by uploading videos on a regular basis, you will be able to establish yourself as an expert in your niche and build your brand.
  • Customer Testimonial Video – Never underestimate the power of testimonials. One of the smartest ways to draw a customer to your business is through another customer.
  • Animated Video – Cartoons might only be for kids, but they are proven as a great advertising tool. Apart from the fact that they are engaging, they are able to convey clearly what your brand is all about.

These are just some of the best types of videos that you can consider using for your marketing campaign. Apart from uploading them on social media websites, another place where it can gain huge exposure is in a mobile LED truck. Here in Dubai, it is the most revolutionary advertising medium that draws a lot of attention from people of different age groups.