Brightness: The Key Factor for the Effectiveness of Any Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor Digital Signage in JBR
Posted by Merivict

Outdoor digital signage is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing industries in the 21st century. Offering huge audience potential, putting a LED screen in an outdoor location can help draw more attention than a static ad or a comparative indoor digital screen.

However, as a new industry, it still has to improve when it comes to temperature, vandalism, weather protection and most importantly, screen brightness.

The rays of the sun can overpower the display’s brightness, making it hard to read. Moreover, when the sun is shining directly onto the screen, it can result in glare which makes the display less visible and hard to read.

High Brightness

The LCD screen’s brightness is typically measured in units of candela, which represents the number of candles it would take to produce such brightness. Standard LCD devices usually produce a nit rating of approximately 500 but a good outdoor screen should have at least twice that in order to make the display visible both in daytime and at night.

LED Backlight

Conventional LCD displays come with a fluorescent back light, which indicates that the brightness of the image is increased by fluorescent tubes. These are not that durable for outdoor screen and digital signage use, but the great thing is that there are alternatives.

LED backlights come with a bank of LEDs that produce the screen’s brightness. Given that they generate higher brightness than fluorescent tubes, they are a perfect fit for outdoor displays.

Reactive Screens

You can also go for modern screens designed to take advantage of the sun’s rays. Called transflective screens, these run as similar nit levels to regular LCD displays when they operate under normal conditions. However, when the intensity of daylight increases, a transflective screen uses the sun’s rays to increase its own brightness, which often exceeds 1500 nits. Therefore, the brighter the sun, the brighter the display.

When choosing an outdoor screen, proper brightness should be a top consideration to ensure that your ads will be visible no matter the season.

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