2018 Advertising Trend – LED Trucks Dubai

LED mobile truck at the beach
Posted by Asick Ahammed

Have you ever wondered what the latest advertising trend this year is?

While the old school flyers, brochures, outdoor billboards and signage are still widely used today, nothing will beat something that is new, unique and completely revolutionary. This is none other than a moving billboard in the form of LED trucks Dubai.

A LED mobile truck is simply a truck fitted with LED screens on the sides. Since these screens display flashy ads several times a day, your brand will be able to leave a mark on the hearts and minds of those who will see it in the different areas of Dubai. Hence, it is touted as the 21st century’s most revolutionary advertising medium as it is proven to enhance a brand’s recall value. This is why a number of companies worldwide are now switching to it.

Media Agency Package - D-Connector

Another benefit of LED trucks Dubai is that they offer zero clutter unlike the aforementioned traditional advertising mediums.

This saves you and the advertising company a significant amount of time, effort and resources. Since the ad is done digitally, it just takes the click of a button to send it for display on the LED panels Dubai.

LED trucks Dubai are also perfectly tailored to your needs and requirements, so whether you want a specific size dimension or to display your ads 24/7, the outdoor media company of your choice will deliver it to you. Hence, the scope of your target audience will widen.


Red Card Package - D-ConnectorEach truck comes with an active GPS and you will also be provided with a printout of a performance report, which includes the vehicle’s current location and where it has been. This can also be viewed online for your convenience.

Apart from mobile LED trucks, LED billboard advertising is also a medium worthy of consideration. Just like the traditional billboard, this is visible both day and night even in long distances. The only difference is that a LED billboard comes with flashy, moving graphics which makes it more appealing.

According to a study, moving graphics create a higher level of awareness and memory retention among the target audience. Hence, they are more likely to patronize a product or service advertised on a LED screen.

Whether you need UAE digital signage, signage Dubai or LED display Dubai, D-Connector is the local indoor and outdoor company that you can rely on. Our goal is to bring your brand to life.


D-Connector is the first and only company in Dubai that offers a revolutionary outdoor media advertising through Mobile LED Truck. Boosting brands in the most creative and effective way as possible – retail, events, education, media buyers, insurance, leisure, transportation, infrastructure and FMCG.